Provite is highly experienced (for over 40 years!) in the fields of qualitative telemarketing and lead generation. We distinguish ourselves, by our distinctive vision, our professional work attitude and-most importantly-our people. At Provite, we solely work with Sr. (40+) professionals with a commercial background in business.

They all have a proven track record and guarantee commercial success for more sales and leads. Whether you want to outsource it, or still want to (partly) do it yourself and professionalize your own teams: we would like to support you with this, long-term and in a professional manner. As partners, almost colleagues.



The Click

We think that it is very important to have a ‘click’ with our clients, that we both have the same vision. That our telemarketers are able to make a click with the person on the other side of the line. That all our colleagues get along well in the office, that we work together in a cozy atmosphere to achieve the best result.

Down to earth

Simplicity is preferable to complexity. What do we want to achieve? Well qualified leads, right? It is logical that we look together to see how we can achieve this in a way that is as cost-effective as possible for you. But it’s all about having very good people, having good conversations after thinking about who, how and why.


Our crucial point. That is why we read and listen to everything. We look carefully and guide until everyone has 100% the same focus. Of course, you may think sometimes ‘I would have liked to see that differently’. We will then discuss this and change things just as long as you are 100% satisfied.


Steven van Kampen - Provite

Steven | Data & content en projectmanager

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Tom Tielrooij - Provite

Tom | Business Development & Floorcoach

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Marcus Leurs - operational manager - Provite

Marcus | Operationial Manager

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Ton | Project Manager

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Margot Houtaar - directeur Provite

Margot | Director

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René Bekink - Provite

René | Business development and sales specialist

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Joffrey Gravekamp - Provite

Joffrey | Floorcoach

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Ferry | Project Manager

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Irene | BU Manager Spain

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Anja | Trainer/coach

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Mary Houtaar van Veldhoven - oprichtster Provite

Mary | Founder

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Tommy - Provite

Tommy | Chief Happiness Officer

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and besides of course our 40 market workers…

Our telemarketers:

  • are all over 40 years old;
  • are communicatively very strong and used to communicating at every level;
  • are therefore an equal conversation partner for your (future) relationship;
  • can make a ‘click’ with the person on the other side of the line;
  • are enthusiastic and extremely involved with ‘your’ customers;
  • find this fun to do;
  • are focused on qualitative rather than quantitative results;
  • (almost all) are to be found on the photos on this website.